52 Days and Random Thoughts

Right now I’m recovering from a wrist fracture that I suffered on 2nd September 2016. I consider myself to be good at household chores but on that day stool slipped (while I tried to fetch some stuff stored at the top) and with that my independence too! Fracture on the right wrist meant, I could only move my fingers since the POP cast covered forearm to palm.
I predominantly use right hand for most things. All of a sudden, I had to come to terms with almost a standstill in life – cannot write, drive, eat easily, ride a bike, even tie shoes laces, open slightly tighter door while carrying a lunch box. Waiting for my wife to do everything that a family needs – ugly feeling that. All my life, I used to feel guilty for not being productive and here I was – those 52 days I had to wait and get used to imperfection.
Apparently, doctor mentioned that fractured bone is healing up well. It was two seconds that resulted an injury to my hand and inflicted agony. Academically, for events there should be a Plan B. Life is not so academic! I learnt patience the hardest way in those 52 days. I hope to be fit better than ever before. As much as I like to do extraordinary things in my life I also come to realise, ‘it’s okay to lead a normal life – that’s also a successful life’. Nope, I am not even proof reading it – I hit publish!