This App is incompatible with all of your devices

Yesterday I was browsing on the net, my flipboard app is amazing for that. I usually go through what I want and they include business news, technology and stuff like that. Happened to see that, there was an app that did exactly what the brand new Moto X could do – listen to your command “OK, Google Now’, your phone’s up and running for rest of the commands. Searched that on my Nexus 4’s Google Play found some crappy apps but not what I wanted. Signed into Google Play on the web saw the features again, hit ‘install’.


Here you go, ‘this App is incompatible with all of your devices’ showed up and I could not install that. Why so? It is because, application is not optimised for Nexus and so many millions of android mobile hardware specs and mostly customised android versions. So what is my problem? My problem is companies like Samsung advertising here in India for an entry level android phone, boast about 700,000 apps on Google Play. I had this issue with my old phone as well. It is quite frustrating when people boast about a cheaper and equal alternative to iOS device is android. I had this issue when my old Xperia tipo refuse to install apps like ‘fruit ninja’. Worst thing was, it used to download complete file but to tell downloaded file was not compatible. Most of the premier apps do not work on all devices which is understandable from developers point of view.
Most of us do give away irritation at free of cost after buying a product. I still remember the amount of frustration I had to go through when I could not make a call while an app called ‘My Tracks’ was running. I am not even talking about the android apps that are not making use of higher screen real estate in 7″ or above tablets. It is so pathetic when the best app is not compatible for your phone but you compare the cost and some customisation features all the time.