Weakness vs the Right Thing

Latest fad among Indians is to blame the central government, the Congress Party and Dr. Manmohan Singh. We know that Rupee is a habitually depreciating currency against every other currency. We bother so much when it happens against the US Dollar because our major imports of oil and gold (yes gold accounts for second largest imports for India!) which are paid in USD. We need foreign currency reserves for imports. Our current account deficit is at all time high, fiscal deficit is out of control, government spending has no austerity measures, so on and so forth. We keep blaming the present government of India because during early 2000, the country witnessed the best growth on records. That included US sanctions on account of Pokhran nuclear blast as well. So question is, how it went all wrong so quickly?

Most of the decisions taken at the government level will yield results in long run, be it good or bad. That means we Indians, have decided to go with the same set of people to rule us for years together. Since independence, it is six decades and we had only couple of terms ruling from different political parties. That had been a choice which majority of the people made consciously or unconsciously for good six decades. Once we elect a political party, or these days coalition government, we do not have a true mechanism of accountability. Only thing we can do is to throw them out of power in the next election. However, majority of us fail to recognise the larger goal of the country during key moments. We love to go with the flow, individually and collectively!

We have hardly been really thoughtful when it comes day-to-day activities. We do not understand that fact that, “my freedom ends where someone else’s begins”. We are habitually happy to complain, blame and relax. Indians’ time sense or lack of it is notoriously well known but we do not wait 10-30 seconds in traffic. If a vehicle has to start from point A to B with 100 meters distance in crowded town, I have seen enough people driving their vehicles speed past the distance at 60km/hr. Using a low beam headlamp, not speeding in an erratic way or not ignoring most traffic rules is not a weakness but it is the right thing to do.

We love the concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ instead of standing in a queue. Standing in a queue is not a weakness but it is just the right thing to do for human beings. In offices and high profile public restrooms, there are short write ups telling not to spit chewing gums and pan masala! We cannot switch off our computers when not in use for more than 6hours, knowing that 1300 millions of people need electricity in India. The majority of the votes cast by Indian crowd includes uneducated or less educated. What others do? Take a holiday! Who shouts in social media, the educated majority! So standing in a queue for casting the election votes is not a weakness but the right thing to do. Using less plastics might not look good but it is the right thing! Having a holiday on account of a film star’s death is what majority like but they also expect politicians to work harder! Society respects only white collar jobs over blue collar jobs. If we do the right thing at grass root level and think of accountability for every decisions, that could help for the nation. Do the right thing instead of going with flow for the sake of it.