As I write on my introduction, it seems a like long journey so far with a few great and a few not so great memories along the way. Born in a village (coastal Karnataka, India) which has no basic facilities such as electricity, vehicle transportation, telephone, schools and hospitals, it feels great to have kept moving up the curve.  I loved cricket sport ever since my childhood, while commerce and finance world attracted me during college days. Our graduation college syllabus included BASIC, COBOL and FORTRANs of the world which turned me off from computer programming. However, technology world attracted me since my post graduation, while working in the Investment Research in Bangalore, India. I liked interacting with computers – had a brief stint with Windows and Linux operating systems on my personal computers. Have been in the Apple ecosystem from 2012, and I enjoy meddling with software applications. After becoming a parent, I truly care for life safety, mental and physical health. A few years ago, my younger brother asked me – ‘what is the use for yourself to be alive?’. Quite a remarkable question made me realise that more I free up my mental space I can explore better things. I deeply care about my job and equally on technology world, automotive safety, and commerce/economy. Thanks for reading!

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