Hatred Sought After

Samsung unveiled a series of devices over the past few weeks, from Samsung Galaxy Alpha to Galaxy Gear S to VR Headset. Even though they took a really long time to launch a really premium looking smartphone, at last they did with Galaxy Alpha. I have been following tech press very actively for last couple of years. Most often Samsung got a widely positive publicity and Apple had to face the negative music. iPhone 5 camera issues, the infamous iOS Mapsgate, 64-bit OS and hardware dubbed marketing gimmick, insecure/inconsistent Touch ID  and so on. However, suddenly I see the trend changing a bit. Huge buzz on internet about upcoming Apple special event on 9 September 2014 and tech press almost forgot that Samsung launched a few of the most advanced devices in their offering. In addition, Sony unveiled a few very good smartphones as well, but I do not see too many hands on reviews and first impression reports in the wild. I mean, by now, as per last year standards quite a few would have claimed Apple would be doomed with their next-gen iPhone.

Nope not this time! I speak to lots of people around and they seek my opinion on which smartphone to buy. Most often people say, iPhone is great but too expensive while  they hate Samsung! Why? Just like Tim Cook said at WWDC, they bought a Samsung phone by mistake and now do not want to buy again! Motorola and Xiaomi are creating lots of hype and selling well too.It is all hatred against Samsung and Sony. Samsung’s business relied on marketing budget instead of putting together a really stable OS. Android was technically less matured until Jelly Bean version and it was prone to device lags and OS hangs. Now that KitKat is around and TouchWiz got a bit of clean up – Samsung devices getting a bit better. Instead they made a couple of ordinary choices – competing on low price segment with which small problems triggered brand loyalty issues; and instead of understanding the issues with Android and putting lesser gimmicks they chose to include features that too many people did not use/like. Even though I personally never liked Samsung, they offer a better touch experience than many competing brands.

Press loves negative and that is what sells in their business. Galaxy Note Edge is definitely a great thing to take technology to next level. But it is a limited edition device and press coverage should be higher for Samsung to gain innovator’s tag. Samsung did not help itself when they launched sixth smart watch in 12 months, so what about customers who bought other smartwatches? Who cares, let them spend and forget – Samsung will be squeezed from everywhere – Xiaomi, Lenovo, Motorola and LG in Android space itself. Apple’s special event is getting a lot of press attention, if they live up anyway close to the buzz (which they have done so, historically), Samsung may have another couple of rough quarterly figures to report. Remember those recent wall huggers ad? Hatred based loyalty may not last long! Cannot wait to see 09.09.2014 Apple special event live stream from Flint Centre.