Uber’s Common Sense

I have always endorsed Uber iOS App over the Ola in my friends and family circle. I ranted about Ola taking ages to update the app to use location only when the App is in use, a feature that was introduced in iOS 8 beta (June 2014). This weekend, I had an offer from Uber to give me half the normal rate in for a couple of rides during 11AM to 5PM. Before starting a ride, I had INR 1172 Uber credit, 3 free rides worth INR 600 as well as one free ride worth INR 300 (all free rides had expiry dates). Note that, all of these were my referral promotions on my Uber account. I booked the cab with a promo for half the normal rate and total bill came up to INR 234 (albeit rate surge applied was 1.4x). Having counted for half the rate promotion, my final bill was INR 117. This bill amount was deducted from Uber credit but not from any of the free rides. Therefore, at the end of my pick up journey, I had INR 1054 left in my Uber credit. While coming back, I booked again and had no half rate promotion. Total bill this time around was 308, as the peak time rate surge 1.8x was applied. Instead of deducting from my Uber credit, this time they debited one of my free rides the one worth INR 300.

I had Ola INR 250 promotion previous weekend and even though the bill had come up to INR 179, they deducted full INR 250 from the offer. But the biggest story about Ola quality can be found right here. Consider the above case, in which my Uber account had all the promotional rides and account credits. In the pick-up trip, INR 117 could have either been deducted using INR 300 worth free ride or INR 600 worth free ride which were already on the account. Similarly, in the drop trip, INR 308 could easily have been deducted from remaining INR 1054. Instead, some human being at Uber chose to showcase common sense! Thank you Uber for making my weekend nice, and here is my promotion coupon if you are yet undecided about Uber – BHASKARB12 – enjoy your first free ride up to INR 600.